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  • Fragrance Family

    Rose, Oud, Musk
  • Top Note

    Rose, Geranium
  • Middle Note

    Rose,Green notes, Saffron
  • Base Note

    Patchouli, Musk, Oud
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It’s created using only the very finest ingredients. This musk infused oud Muattar takes the welcoming aura of your home into a higher league. With tempting red roses peppered with velvet geranium petals, the initial cascade of scent lets your guests know that you are a connoisseur of the very best. Blending seamlessly into a heart of feel-good aldehyde notes, the middle phase of this exquisite Muattar is accentuated with prized saffron and earthy galbanum. Taking you deeper into this unique fragrant journey, the lasting final phase ends the story with sublime patchouli and the rich golden scent of agarwood. The Regal Touch.