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  • Fragrance Family

    Woody, Floral, Amber
  • Top Note

    White Amber
  • Middle Note

    Rose, White Florals, Oud
  • Gourmand, White Musk, Woody notes
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Hayaa is designed to embody the beauty of love on a wintry day. The fragrance will capture the memory of heartfelt and unforgettable radiance. Hayaa awakens your deepest dreams, with its alluring scent of silken white amber. The notes of rose make a perfect symphony with a delicate blush. You hold creamy buds of white flowers in your arms as a golden aura of oud enrobes you. The smooth woods and soft musk surround you in a velvet glow. You start and end your day in a soft embrace, narrated by the scent of Hayaa. Hayaa comes in a 12ml rollerball for easy application and is a unisex fragrance. The secret behind the smile.